You’ve come to the right place to start planning for the future!

There is so much a student has to adjust to in the 9th grade that choosing a college or career path may sound very far off in time and very far down the list of priorities. And starting on a journey when you’re not sure where you’re going can be a bit scary. But 9th grade is a perfect time to start exploring potential post-graduation choices.

Use these checklists and the resources below to start exploring college or career interests and setting a plan in motion that will lead students to the career of their dreams.

Planning for College

LEARN about Colleges and Degree Programs

PREPARE for College Now

BUILD a College Resume

Preparing for a Career

EXPLORE Career Options

PLAN a Course of Study

EXPLORE Career-based Opportunities

Questions to ask your School Counselor


What other college credit and career preparatory classes can I take in 10th, 11th, and 12th grade?


What classes do I need to take that will lead to an industry certification or work-based learning opportunities?


When is the next college and career fair that I can attend to learn more about college and degree plan options?


How should I prepare for dual credit or Advanced Placement courses?


How do I sign up to take the PSAT, the TSI, and/or ACT Aspire exam? How should I prepare for it?


Where can I find information about local summer academic enrichment programs or programs to help me build career skills?


How do I change my endorsement?

Online Resources for College and Career Planning

Own Your Own Future Image

Own Your Own Future

Texas GEAR UP Image


The College Board Image

The College Board

Federal Student Aid Image

Federal Student Aid

Adventures in Education/TG Image

Adventures in Education/TG

College for All Texans Image

College for All Texans

Career Information Image

Career Information

Launch My Career TX Image

Launch My Career TX

My Next Move Image

My Next Move

Texas Career Check Image

Texas Career Check

ACT Image


Texas Reality Check Image

Texas Reality Check

ApplyTexas Image


Career Investigation Image

Career Investigation

Career Exploration Image

Career Exploration

Texas Genuine Image

Texas Genuine