You’ve come to the right place to start planning for the future!

There is so much a student has to adjust to in the 9th grade that choosing a college or career path may sound very far off in time and very far down the list of priorities. And starting on a journey when you’re not sure where you’re going can be a bit scary. But 9th grade is a perfect time to start exploring potential post-graduation choices.

Use these checklists and the resources below to start exploring college or career interests and setting a plan in motion that will lead students to the career of their dreams.

Planning for College

LEARN about Colleges and Degree Programs

PREPARE for College Now

BUILD a College Resume

Preparing for a Career

EXPLORE Career Options

PLAN a Course of Study

EXPLORE Career-based Opportunities

Questions to ask your School Counselor


What other college credit and career preparatory classes can I take in 10th, 11th, and 12th grade?


What classes do I need to take that will lead to an industry certification or work-based learning opportunities?


When is the next college and career fair that I can attend to learn more about college and degree plan options?


How should I prepare for dual credit or Advanced Placement courses?


How do I sign up to take the PSAT, the TSI, and/or ACT Aspire exam? How should I prepare for it?


Where can I find information about local summer academic enrichment programs or programs to help me build career skills?


How do I change my endorsement?

Online Resources for College and Career Planning

Own Your Own Future


The College Board

Federal Student Aid

Adventures in Education/TG

College for All Texans

Career Information

Launch My Career TX

My Next Move

Texas Career Check


Texas Reality Check


Career Investigation

Career Exploration

Texas Genuine