It’s finally the home stretch! There’s nothing more exciting for a high schooler than 12th grade—but senior year also tends to be the time when students have the most on their plates (both academically and socially).  

Students need to keep “senioritis” at bay by finishing strong in all of their classes. And now is also officially the time to fill out those college applications, take all the big exams, file for financial aid, and make final decisions about which university to attend. Meanwhile, students focusing on a career need to really hone in on the perfect job opportunities, determining any coursework or real-world experiences that will help give them the best possible start on the professional front.

The senior-year checklists and tips below will help your student navigate smoothly through all the must-do steps that accompany the final year of high school. College and career life is just around the corner, so it’s definitely time to make 12th grade count!

Planning for College

NARROW Down Potential Colleges and Degree Programs

PREPARE for College Now

UPDATE a College Resume

Preparing for a Career

EXPLORE Career Options

PLAN a Course of Study

EXPLORE Career-based Opportunities

Questions to ask your School Counselor


When is the next opportunity to attend a college tour or meet with visiting college admissions representatives?


How can I take the TSI? Is our school a testing site? What pre-exam activity can I do to help me prepare?


What are the upcoming exam schedules for the ACT and SAT? What college-exam prep does our district offer?


Where can I find information about college application, scholarship, and financial aid deadlines?


Where can I get help completing college applications and essays?


Where can I find information about potential college scholarship opportunities? Info about local community scholarships?


Where can I learn about completing the FAFSA and TASFA? How do I create a Federal Student Aid ID username?


Where can I find information about internships with local businesses and other organizations?


Which community college programs have the best career training programs related to my endorsement and coursework?

Online Resources for College and Career Planning

Own Your Own Future


The College Board

Federal Student Aid

Adventures in Education/TG

College for All Texans

Career Information

Launch My Career TX

My Next Move

Texas Career Check


Texas Reality Check


Career Investigation

Career Exploration

Texas Genuine